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What's New at Finishing Technology, Inc.?

Complex pharmaceutical mold undergoes special cleaning process

Originally manufactured in Switzerland, these stainless steel molds needed a complete makeover after many years of use and then storage which turned their initial shine to a dull sheen. Because of the unique construction and intricate design of the molds, which includes multiple, odd-shaped cavities; each part could not be immersed in a cleaning solution, but required careful, hands-on attention

Finishing Technology puts the finishing touches on a challenging cleaning job

Using a series of small hand tools, each cavity was carefully cleaned to remove any remaining particles or stains. Then, using a deliberate sequence of different cleaning compounds, the molds underwent stainless passivation and received multiple rubdowns to remove any free iron, oil residues or other contaminants that might prove corrosive in the future. Now, the molds have been restored to their original, highly-polished appearance and look brand new.

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